Legalizing Gay Marriage in Crusader Kings III with Ghidra

The Modding Problem

do_ye_a_marriage = {
category = interaction_category_friendly
auto_accept = yes
is_shown = { always = yes }
on_auto_accept = {
scope:actor = {
marry = scope:recipient
[jomini_script_system.cpp:169]: Script system error!
Error: marry effect [ Svend Estrid of k_denmark (Internal ID: 15228 - Historical ID 101515) is not allowed to marry Erik Stenkiling of k_sweden (Internal ID: 17969 - Historical ID 100525) ]

Setting Up the Tools

Following the Trail

Into the Guts

Being a Bit Wizard

Testing our Changes

[pdx_assert.cpp:568]: Assertion failed: Can only marry characters of different gender.

Round Two

The King and I, the King

Quick Fix

A Final Note



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